In this essay I will look at how flaws are presented in Othello and three other Robert Browning poems I have studied. I believe that flaws are used in these pieces to help develop the narrative. Without flaws it makes it difficult for us to imagine how the characters can be so sinister. Without flaws […]

In chapter Seventeen the Tom Robinson case is still carrying on. Atticus questions Heck Tate and Robert Ewell about Mayella Ewell’s injuries from Tom Robinson accused attack. Atticus asks both Mr Tate and Mr Ewell the same questions to see if both their statements match. Each character however acts differently under the pressure of Atticus […]

How does the speaker feel about the history that they were taught? The speaker feels that the history that they’re being taught history that doesn’t identify with them. Through out the poem the speaker seems to have an accent Which gives us some background information to understand the meaning behind the poem. There are several […]

Summarise what the main point of this article is in no less than 10 bullet points.  You must not repeat yourself and you must write in full sentences. Ukip named UK’s most hated brand, followed by the Tories and Marmite: -Ukip comes first in a survey of the most hated brands -The Conservatives sit in […]

Not a minute to Lose’ by – Edward G   Why do surgeries always smell of vomit?  I think about the general mixture of smells as I wait aimlessly watching the clock awaiting my turn.  I catch a whiff of the urinal a dishevelled looking man exits the toilet I felt around to see what […]

Reality TV is being used to gain a higher status within today’s society. Reality TV was born in America and has seeped its way into our everyday lives whether we like it or not.  You only have to switch on the TV to find at least one programme scheduled for the evening such as Big […]

  To Alan Rusbridger (Editor of the Guardian) I recently read an article written by the well renowned British comedian Russell Brand. As I’m sure you know, last September, Brand was guest editor of the New Statesman, and was subsequently interviewed by Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight about his session as editor. Mr Brand also shed […]

In chapter eight it snows in Maycomb for the first time since 1885 and the whole Finch family are not fully aware of what it is. Scout and Jem begin to treasure the snow in order to build a snowman. They design there snowman on Mr Avery and his large figure. Later on Atticus wakes […]

In chapter seven Jem and Scout have returned back to school and they have discovered a ball of gray twine resting in a knot-hole in Scout and Jem’s tree. They deside to write a letter to who’s leaving objects in the tree. However the knot-hole is filled with cement. They find out that Mr Nathan […]

In chapter six Jem, Scout and try to have a look at Boo Radley. We see that Scout continues to struggle to play with Jem and Dill. This can is evident when Jem says: “Scout, I’m telling you for the last time,  shut your trap or go home – I declare to the Lord you’re […]